Hello everyone! My name is Gomesu, and I am a visual artist and musician based in São Paulo, Brazil.
I've been working as an Art Director for 23 years now, and I've worked in a lot of advertising agencies in my city.
Drawing has been part of my life since I was a child and, alongside with music, my life always revolved around this devotion. 
Yes, it is a devotion.
Between one job and another, I'm always doodling something, looking for new references, perspectives and developments of style.
The daily routine at the advertising studio throughout the years, working in the most diverse segments, has taught me to have multifaceted and chameleonic traits.
At the moment, I have a strong connection with the Oriental culture, especially the Japanese. 
My most recent works are a mutation and an amalgamation between ukyo-e prints, cartoons with 1930s inspiration and post-impressionist speed, with an eye on the future, in a dance between life and death, between what is connected and what is disconnected.